About Intel Modules


It is the set of modules that will help your company to visualize and predict all current and future situations.





consolidated view

It provides us with a more consolidated view of all the information.

Customized according to your needs

Customized according to your needs in order to access all the information.

Facilitates the interpretation

Facilitates the interpretation of the data for its interpretation and improve decision making.


Our detection systems or malware analysis with automatic sandboxing is our ally for the prevention and prediction of attacks worldwide. We check all this and notify you with the details of the attacks on your company when it is affected.


  • Early warning to the client about threats.
  • Prevention of possible security incidents.
  • Prevention of users or customers from being affected by a fraudulent product.


In BOTECH FPI we are aware that phishing attacks are one of the most common security challenges faced by people and companies to keep their information safe.

Hackers use email, phone calls and any form of communication they can in order to gain either access to passwords, credit cards or other confidential information and steal valuable information. Companies, of course, are a particularly valuable objective.
We are a company specialised in phishing and anti-phishing prevention solutions. 


  • Proactive monitoring 24 x 7.
  • Constant development of innovation to keep up with trends.
  • Specialised security analysts
Data Recovery

Data Recovery

Data recovery after security incidents. Our ultimate goal is reducing the damage and saving as much data as possible.

Our standard system provides an initial estimate of the data recovery potential, allowing the client to select the solution that best suits their needs.
Our team will always treat your data in a safe and confidential manner.


Monitoring the credit cards of your clients with the objective of minimizing risks and threats facing the possibility that they are compromised. You can consult it through our API integrating the service on your platforms directly.


  • 24 x 7 real-time protection.
  • Quick identification and blocking of card against fraudulent transactions.
  • Analysis of fraud patterns and creation of procedures to detect them.

Mule Accounts

It is a mechanism used to move monetary funds. A mule account is set up with a series of false paperwork and an identity stolen, manipulated or belonging to a legitimate client that has allowed the criminals to use your account. In exchange for cash, "mules" allow criminals to store illicit funds in your bank accounts before transferring them to other accounts, helping to hide dirty money.

Cyberthreat Intelligence

Cyberthreat Intelligence

We collect, analyse and filter data on emerging or existing threats from different points in order to produce feeds with this information.

The main purpose is keeping your organization informed about persistent risks, threats and zero-day attacks and how to protect against them.


  • Ability to customise and prioritise alerts
  • Visibility of malware files and threat indicators that appear most frequently in your network
  • Ability to create new protections and prevent future attacks
  • Assurance of staying updated on the large number of threats, vulnerabilities, objectives and the evil.
  • Help to be more proactive about future cyber security threats.
  • Forecast of consequences that could have in your business.


Also known as ownership of domains, since the fraudster registers a domain name that simulates a legitimate one to traffic with it or make use for fraudulent purposes.

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Brand Protection
Brand Protection

Brand Protection protects your brand and your customers.

Risk Scoring Engine
Risk Scoring Engine

The Risk Scoring Engine service is based on historical data, especially the intelligence modules for self-monitoring of future threats detection.


Active monitoring of threats that have been detected or that are pending activation.

Our business services help companies to work intelligently, efficiently and productively