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Our Pentest is based on the performance of intrusion tests on system architectures in companies. These tests are carried out both in the black box (without any information about the client) or in the grey box (access with credentials). With these tests, the security layers of application, authentication, as well as the security perimeter are checked.

identificacion de entorno

Identify a simulation environment, that is, how an intruder can attack the system.

encontrar areas debiles

Help find weak areas where an intruder can attack to gain access to computer features and data.

estimación magnitud de ataques

Estimate the magnitude of the attack at potential points.

protección organizaciones

Protect organizations that deal with customers and keep your data intact.

cumplimiento normativo

Normative compliance. The detailed reports generated after the pentest tests help to avoid fines for non-compliance and allow to illustrate the due diligence to the auditors maintaining the required security controls.

informes detallados

Provide our clients with an extensive set of reports and recommendations at the end of the pentest testing procedure, to effectively eliminate the detected violations.

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Public Infrastructure

Intrusion tests are made on public infrastructures, published open on the Internet. As well as the recognition and discovery of public data that are unknown.


  • Identify security gaps within the firewall configuration that could be misused
  • Discover how an attacker can filter information from your system and find solutions in this regard.
  • Ensures the efficiency and general productivity of your business.

Private Infrastructure

We do intrusion tests on infrastructure in private networks, such as corporate intranets, or parts of web portals restricted to the public.


  • Discover the real risks within the virtual environment.
  • Provide guidelines and an action plan on how to solve problems.
  • Improve the general protection system.

APK Mobile APPs

They are also made on mobile applications with the help of our techniques to reach an in-depth analysis. This is how we check both the application and the procedures on which it is based.


  • Identifies vulnerabilities and possible security problems.
  • Protects the device from being infected and from extracting data from the user.
  • Help maintain the reputation of your organization with a reliable APP.

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Forensics Investigation
Forensics Investigation

Anticipate future cyber attacks on servers attacked and compromised. 

PCI-DSS Compliance
PCI-DSS Compliance

We certify in Spain, U.S.A, Peru, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Panama, Costa Rica and Uruguay.

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