About Phishing Hunters


Phishing Hunters is our service composed of modules that try to cover a specific problem related to fraudulent attempts to obtain confidential information in several ways.

Real-time protection

Real-time protection 24 x 7. Rapid identification and isolation of phishing sites to protect your data or those of your users.

Implement effective technologies and tools t

Implement effective technologies and tools to protect a company against a widespread threat.

Accelerated threat neutralization

Accelerated threat neutralization. We take advantage of a global network to offer quick closures of malicious sites.

Other services Phishing Hunter

Brand Protection

Brand Protection protects your brand and your customers.

Intel Modules

It is the set of modules that will help your company to your company to visualize and predict all current and future situations.

Risk Scoring Engine

The Risk Scoring Engine service is based on historical data, especially the intelligence modules for self-monitoring of future threats detection.


Active monitoring of threats that have been detected or that are pending activation.

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Forensics Investigation
Forensics Investigation

Anticipate future cyber attacks on servers attacked and compromised. 

PCI-DSS Compliance
PCI-DSS Compliance

We certify in Spain, U.S.A, Peru, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Panama, Costa Rica and Uruguay.


Based on the performance of intrusion tests on system architectures in companies.

Our business services help companies to work intelligently, efficiently and productively